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LEGS weight loss is different from losing weight! Is it? HOW TO GET Beautiful Legs?

Are you desperately trying to diet to get beautiful legs? Actually, slimming legs and losing weight seem to be different things. On the surface of adipocytes, there is a “container” called a receptor.Show more text

You open and close the door by opening and closing the container with a stimulus such as a hormone. Furthermore, there are two kinds of receptors, one storing and one releasing fat. In the case of a woman’s lower body, there seem to be six receptors to store what one releases. 1 to 6! And cellulite occurs in places where such fat is stored, becoming more and more difficult to lose weight.’

HOW TO GET Beautiful Legs?

1.Foot massage

1.1.Right Leg massage!

Massaging from the end of the body towards the heart is said to stimulate the venous blood circulation, leading to swelling and fatigue recovery. Therefore, it is effective to start massaging from the farthest place from the heart = the end of the right foot.

1.2.Push back the back of the knee!

It is also important to improve lymph flow to eliminate swelling. Especially, there are large lymph nodes in the back of the knee (base of the thigh), so let’s massage this part.

Massage is bothersome! So, when washing your body, just start washing from the right foot. It’s really effective, so please try it tonight!

2.Massage the knee

When the knee tightens, the entire foot looks thin. Massage the area around the knee. For that, make small circles with your palms, around your knees.

3.Massage the fingertips

By relaxing the fingertips that are shrinking normally in the shoes, you will improve the circulation of the entire leg and encourage the discharge of waste. Here are the steps you must follow for this massage:

3.1.Take each finger, pull it, turn it and loosen it. Start with the thumb, continue with the little finger, then the index, ring and finally the middle finger.

3.2.Put your fingers (from your hand) through your foot’s fingers. See the picture. Next, hold the fingers of your hand tightly to the base of your toes. At first it may be hard to open your fingers, but it will be easier in time.

3.3.Let’s slowly turn your ankle. Let’s rotate the ankle 10 times to the right and 10 times to the left. Likewise, to the left foot. You can increase it to 20 times as you get used to it.


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