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How to Clean your Lungs in Just 3 Days

It doesn’t matter if you are a smoker or not to have problem with your lungs. Some people have been smoking for years and still have well-functioning lungs. Anyhow, if you need to clean your lungs, there are a few ways, given by specialists, to make you and your lungs feel better. Just follow some steps for the next three days.Show more text

How to Clean your Lungs in Just 3 Days


Before you start the detoxification, you have to get rid of all the dairy products. They have toxins that are not good in the purification process. The night before the regime, drink a cup of herbal tea to release the toxins from the intestines.

Before having breakfast, drain two lemons in 300ml of water. Drink 300ml of grapefruit or pineapple juice.

Make yourself pure carrot juice and drink it between breakfast and lunch, to help you alkalize the blood in the 3-day process of detoxification.

To fight bacteria in the lungs you need potassium, which can be found in the cranberry juice. By drinking 400ml of cranberry juice during lunch, you can prevent infections.

A very important step in this process is by doing exercises 20 minutes’ baths to sweat and lose more toxins.

Inhale the steam for a bowl of boiling water in which you put 5 to 10 drops if eucalyptus.

After the detoxification your lungs will be cleaner and the change of infections will be reduced up to 50%.


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